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•Announcement: warm congratulations on the opening of VIP5 ! ★1 VIP5 products: quantum beauty mask, price: $600. ★2 New retail product: Foot massage pad. the new retail price is $600, the wholesale area price is $240. The specific product efficacy please log in the back office, click on the product for details! The Sairui VIP5 will bring you high-tech commodities and higher profits. We welcome all customers to buy and trade, thank you! Sairui Mall Marketing Department 2019.9.10 •GOOD NEWS: SAIRUI market is booming with more customers globally. In response to the needs of esteemed VIPs, company decides to launch Auto-trading New Retail packages: 1. Purchase new retail products once, consign five rounds and obtain five rounds of new retail profits with corresponding food supplement products; 2. Purchase new retail products once, consign ten rounds and obtain new retail profits for ten times with corresponding food supplement products; Participate in Auto-trading new retail, you will obtain FDA-certified health care products as follews: Heart care, Prostate care, Gynecological diseases treatment, Pain relief, Immunity enhancement, Uterine fibroids treatment, Blood waste cleaning, Health care tea, Aphrodisiac products Kidney care products and so on. SAIRUI provides customers with more convenient operation. Auto-trading New Retail, Free your hands; Auto-trading New Retail, access to high quality goods; Auto-trading New Retail, get more income. Sairui mall has been committed to providing VIP customers with more convenient shopping experience. New function lunchtime Ghana 9:00am 15th-Sept-2019 SAIRUI COLOR YOUR LIFE! Sairuimall Marketing Department •Notice: In order to maximize the benefits of sairuiVIP customers, the new retail shopping operation is convenient and quick, and the operation is simpler. The mall decides to change the purchase of new retail goods to; which VIP level you buy at which VIP level; for example, you are VIP4 Level, you will only be able to purchase 300$ new retail products, can not buy other prices of goods; please pay attention to the majority of VIP friends! Thank you! •Dear sairui customers •Dear sairui customers •Notice: Recently, some people have found that someone has logged in to someone else's account to steal points. Please strictly manage your account. The points are all $, please remember, don't let anyone know their login password and pay the password! If you lose points due to personal reasons, the company is not responsible, please remember! Thank you! •Hello, Sairui Members Recently, many members'accounts have been stolen, resulting in serious losses to members. According to this situation, the company makes the following measures to prevent such a situation from happening again! The following adjustments were made: The minimum cash withdrawal is $20. The weekly ceiling is $400. In order to prevent members'funds from being stolen, withdrawal will be delayed 24 hours. Members are requested to check their account for abnormal withdrawal every day and give sufficient time to check. The company has put forward many solutions for its members. The company is not responsible for such problems. Because many service centers are facing delivery pressure of VIP1, we will cancel the new retail of VIP1. In the future, the company will introduce more new frontier products for members to choose. This notification is expected to be communicated to each other and formally implemented on October 14. Sairui Marketing Department •HELLO! •HELLO!
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